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Layout and Excavation

The layout of the pool you have designed and approved is soon after the contract is signed. Prior to Excavation, we will take your design & lay it out in your yard. Any changes you’d like to make could be done at that time. Upon your approval, we are ready to begin Excavation (digging).


3/8” steel at 8” on center is used as reinforcement on walls and floors of the pool & spa. ½” four bar box beam is continuous around pool & spa. On stress points & breaking points, the steel is doubled (4” on center).

Rough Plumbing

Upon steel completion, plumbing is extended through walls of pool for return lines, main drains, etc. Skimmers and jets are installed.


Gunite is a cement mixture used to create the walls, steps, benches, etc. It is 6.1 cement to sand ratio. The beam is 12” thick. Walls and floors are 6-9” thick.

Plumbing & Equipment

After gunite, plumbing is continued from outside of shell to equipment pad. Equipment is set and gas line is run. Plumbing material is 1 ½” – 2” schedule 40 PVC pipe & fittings.


After plumbing, all electrical work is completed.

Tile & Coping

Tile & Coping of your choice will be installed. The tile is installed on the inside walls near the beam. Coping is the material (brick or stone) that is installed on top of the beam.


The decking is the area around the pool and is the last phase before the final interior finish is applied. There are many options to choose from depending on budget. Some examples are: Spray Deck, Stamped Overlay, Brick Pavers, and Flagstone.


The interior surface of the pool is covered with a finish of your choice and the pool is filled with water. There are several options to choose such as white plaster, colored plaster, Diamond Brite, and a Pebble finish.

Pool Startup

Once the pool is filled, Wet Pools, Inc. will come to your home and turn on the Equipment, balance the chemicals, clean the pool, and instruct home owner how to operate the pool Equipment and properly care for the pool.